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1000 Poker Chip Sets

1000 Poker Chip Sets - Click Here to View

In a game of 8-10 players, 1000 poker chip sets are used. If you host regular poker games at your home and love to invite your friends, business colleagues and relatives to play with you, you cannot settle for a smaller set. So, buying 1000 poker chip sets for hosting a big game is an intelligent one-time investment.

A 600 poker chip set is normally said to suffice for 7-8 players. If you are a little short of money, you can buy a 500 or 600 chip set and later upgrade it. However, this practice involves a few limitations, such as: You may not find same color and design in chips at a later point. The same chip quality may get dearer over time; hence you will have to pay a higher price. The new chips that you acquire may not be of the same quality as the previous ones. So, it is always better to invest in a larger poker chip set if you anticipate hosting big poker games at your house. Moreover, if you have a smaller set; you will have to get into the trouble of cashing in and trading the chips. This will waste a lot of time that can otherwise be use in playing cards or other poker supplies.

Cost Consideration While Buying 1000 Poker Chip Sets

Buying 1000 poker chip sets can, no doubt, be a costly deal for you. So, you will have to plan carefully and choose the right type of poker chips in order to get the best chip set for your home game. Plastic chips usually come very cheap. So, if you cannot arrange enough funds at one time, you can buy a plastic chip set at a very reasonable price. However, these chips are of very low quality and do not fit in well with the tastes of avid poker players. On the other hand, clay chips are very expensive and, therefore, difficult to afford for many. In this case, you can comfortably opt for medium quality clay composite chips. These chips are durable as well as look better than their plastic counterparts. You can choose one depending upon your budget and quality preference. You have the option to upgrade the standard aluminium case to an acrylic case. Poker chip racks will be required if you choose to upgrade the case.

1000 Poker Chip Sets

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