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13.5 Gram Poker Chips

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Amongst the different types of poker chips, 13.5g clay poker chips are considered ideal for home games. This is because they are neither too heavy nor too light and therefore, perfect for hosting poker games at home.

If you look for heavier chips, you can find 14gm or even 15gm chips in the market. Although those heavy chips are used to play with in many casinos, they are not suitable for domestic games. So, if you are looking for heavier chips, consider the 13.5g clay poker chips.

13.5g Clay Poker Chips: Purity of the Clay Content

In order to differentiate between the different types of clay chips, you can examine them on the basis of the purity of the clay content:

Clay composite chips: Clay composite chips are three fourth clay and one fourth plastic. These chips are very durable and, therefore, good for frequent use. If taken good care of, they can even last for a lifetime.

Pure clay chips: Pure clay chips are made of 99% clay content. These chips are more expensive than clay composite chips and are mostly used in casinos. Although they are prone to damage and wear, you can maintain their quality by carefully handling them.

It is a good idea to buy 13.5g clay poker chips from a reputed game store in order to avoid any duplicity. If a vendor offers you pure clay chips at the price of clay composite or ABS composite chips, it is clear indication that the chips are not authentic. So, beware of such vendors and search for a reputed store to buy good quality poker chips.

If you do not wish to personally visit a store and spend time examining different qualities of chips, you can even order a sample online before purchasing a full poker chip set.

13.5g Clay Poker Chips

13.5g Clay Poker Chip Sets
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