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Bundles of 50 13.5g Clay Poker Chips

Bundles of 50 13.5g Clay Poker Chips - Click Here to View

We offer bundles of poker chips in increments of 50 chips. If you are expecting a few more players to your nightly poker game, this option would best fit your need. You can even get attractive discounts on them if you buy them in bundles of 50 or 100 chips.

Bundles of 50 13.5g Clay Poker Chips: Cost Variation Based on Material

As compared to plastic chips, clay chips usually are slightly more expensive. However, you can choose between the mixed and pro-quality clay chips in order to bring the cost down closer to your budget.

13.5 gram clay poker chips: These chips are made of clay but with a little mix of plastic. This is done in order to provide durability to the chips. Clay being a fragile material, the chips can break easily and, therefore, adding a very small metal insert can make it last for a longer time. If you host frequent poker games, buying heavy 13.5g clay poker chips can be a better deal for you.

13.5g poker chips: As the name implies, these chips are heavy. The metal content is there but in a nominal form. These chips give the feel of a casino like experience and produce a rich sound when shuffled. However, these are not as durable as their composite counterparts.

13.5 gram are more expensive than lighter poker chips and may not fit into your budget. However, if you buy them in bulk, say bundles of 50 clay poker chips, you can get some good deals. It is better not to purchase them from a casino, as you will have to pay exceptionally high prices there. Look for a gaming store where you can come across a large variety of poker chips. You can even buy bundles of 50 clay poker chips from a poker store online. Online purchasing is generally more convenient and you can even order for a sample of chips before actually buying them.

Bundles of 50 13.5g Clay Poker Chips

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