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2000 Poker Chip Sets

2000 Poker Chip Sets - Click Here to View

There is nothing like playing a game of poker in the company of 10-20 friends. Whether you play it for money or simply for the sake of fun, you can enjoy the real game only when you play in a large poker tournament. So buying 2000 poker chip sets is a sound decision if you plan to host bigger games at your place.

2000 Poker Chip Sets: Colors and Denominations

When you intend to buy 2000 poker chip sets for your home games, you may opt for colorful chips. This is because you can yourself designate the value to a particular color depending upon your game requirements. There are five basic colors available in poker chips. Black chips hold the greatest denomination at $100, followed by green chips at $25, blue chips at $10, red chips at $5 and white chips at the minimum denomination of $1 only. You can alter these values if your game rules require so. Moreover, many states have now banned gambling with money, so some people substitute the money prize with poker chips. You can also opt for the chips on which denominations are marked separately. These chips are commonly used in casinos to avoid any confusion regarding their monetary value.

2000 Poker Chip Sets: Weight Consideration

After deciding upon the design and color of the chips, the next step is to choose their weight. A 2000 poker chip set is available in the individual weights of 10gm, 11.5gm, 13.5gm and 14gm. Usually, the 11.5gm or 13.5gm chips are ideal for using at home. You can also opt for the 10 gram chips, but they are largely used in casinos by professionals. If you buy a 2000 poker chip sets, enquire about the cost and free accessories. Each 2000 poker chip set includes 2 deck of cards, 5 red casino dice, and a dealer button. You have the option to upgrade your aluminium trolley poker case to two acrylic carrier cases with poker chip racks.

2000 Poker Chip Sets

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