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All In 11.5g Casino Poker Chips

All In 11.5g Poker Chips - Click Here to View

The All In casino poker chips are a great choice that will make your home poker play even better! The casino chips are produced from hi-grade composite resin material with an insert that gives the weight of a casino quality chip. With the All In poker chips, you can have realistic casino play with every game you play at home! The casino size poker chips will provide you with the feel of an authentic casino chip so that every game is a higher quality one regardless of how many players are in.

The bundle of 50 casino chips contains an assortment of colors and values. You determine how many of the different values you want in your bundle by choosing with the drop down menu. For instance, if you like to keep your wagers small, you might prefer to include more of the white $1 poker chips while those who are high stakes players will prefer to stick with the $500 purple, $1,000 yellow, and $5,000 pink poker chips. You can also purchase larger sets for tournament play in any color combination you prefer. The chip is designed with an All In inlay and are similar on both sides.

All In 11.5g Poker Chips

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