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Clay Poker Chip Sets

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Poker N Stuff, your largest source for clay poker chip set. Cheap discounts on 10g poker chip sets. Order Now.

Composite Chip Sets: Composite clay chips are generally more plastic and feel hard with no texture. Still, they are a far better choice than the ABS compressed plastic chips. A metal is also inserted in these chips in order to give them more weight. They are usually available in 10 gm, 11.5 gm and 13.5 gm weight. Merits: They look very attractive as colourful labels are attached to them. They are also less slick than ABS chips and, therefore, stack better. Demerits: They may become dull over time, as their corners get scratched due to rough handling. Their labels may also peel around the edges which gives them a very shabby look. Because of their high plastic content, they produce a clinking sound that does not match with that of casino chips.

Clay Chip Sets: These chips have a higher percentage of clay than the plastic material. They also have a metal insert and are usually heavier than composite chips. Merits: Their heavier weight makes them more easily stackable than plastic chips. When tossed in your hands, they produce a very casino like sound. Demerits: Because of the higher clay content, they are less durable and more expensive than composite clay chips.

Pro Clay Chip Sets:  These chips are made of pure clay or the maximum content of clay. They are also called ‘casino grade’ chips and have a rough texture. Pure clay chips are generally very heavily priced, some of them at more than $1 per chip. Merits: They feel like real casino chips as they produce a rich sound when shuffled. Due to the rough texture, they are easily stackable and do not spill over even if you slide them across the table. Demerits: They are exceptionally expensive and are not very durable.

Based on your material preference, you can opt for different sizes of clay poker chip sets. You can also get attractive discount on chip sets while buying them from our online store.

Clay Poker Chip Sets

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