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Clay Poker Chips

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Clay poker chips are the most famous among all type of chips available in the market. Although you can find poker chips made of various other materials, such as wood, plastic, metal and ceramic, none of them offer the genuine feel and touch of clay chips.

Two Types of Clay Poker Chips

When it comes to the actual clay content ratio used in manufacturing chips, we can speak of two types of clay poker chips: All clay poker chips: As the name suggests, these chips are made of pure clay material. All clay chips are a symbol of luxury and can be seen in the hands of professional players in casinos. If you do not have any budget constraints, you can definitely consider buying these chips. They can make your simple poker game into a professional one. Clay composite poker chips: For those who love to have clay chips but cannot afford them, buying composite clay poker chips is a good option. These chips are made from a major part of clay with a little mix of plastic. Some metal is also inserted into the composite chips in order to adjust their weight. Clay composite chips are a cheaper alternative to clay poker chips and so can be easily had for hosting poker games at your place.

It all depends upon your individual preference, cost consideration and quality concern, which quality you want to choose. Both the aforementioned types have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can buy one that suits your gaming purpose and fits well into your budget. Moreover, if you feel the need for upgrading your existing poker chip set anytime in the future, you can do so at a small additional cost. Look for clay poker chips throughout our online poker store. This is where you will get a huge variety of choice and great deal.

Clay Poker Chips

13.5g Clay Poker Chips
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