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Whether you love to play Texas Hold Em poker, euchre, bridge, canasta or any other popular card game, playing cards are the inevitable need. For an avid poker player, there is nothing more pleasant than shuffling a new glossy deck of cards. Good quality playing cards have a crisp sound and nice feel. As they are designed in vivid colors, they are easily read and are very appealing in general.

Varieties in Playing Cards

There is a wide variety of playing cards available in the market. The most common type is the poker size playing cards. They come in regular index as well as in Jumbo index type. In the regular index, the numbers and characters are printed in smaller size; while in the jumbo index, numbers and characters are larger. If it is difficult for you to see small numbers, then you should buy jumbo index cards.

The standard size of poker playing cards is 2.5 inch (w) and 3.5 inch (h). Another popular size in playing cards is bridge size, which is 2.25 inch (w) and 3.5 inch (h). Since there is no difference in the cost of the cards with respect to their size, you can choose one that suits your needs or your tastes best. Bridge size cards are used in poker games in casinos, while poker size cards are used for Blackjack, Caribbean stud, 3 card poker and many other card games.

There are cheap quality playing cards, such as those made of regular paper. These cards are available at a cost of just $1. However, they last for a few months and start looking very shabby with repeated use. If you want your cards to last longer, you can buy Copag playing cards or KEM playing cards. These manufacturers produce high quality cards that are made of 100% plastic. This means that the playing cards are water proof, stain proof and last for a long time.

It depends on you how much you want to invest in your deck of cards. On our website, we make it affordable to buy any style of playing cards for your card games at home.

Playing Cards

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