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Poker Chip Sets - Is a combination of the following: a case, bundles of chips and some poker supplies. For those who host regular poker games at their home or frequently play a game of poker with their friends, collecting poker chip sets is more than merely a pastime. A few things you must take into consideration while buying complete poker chip sets are: How many players will usually play at a time? How much can you afford to invest in poker chips? How frequently do you play poker?

  • The best advice regarding poker chip sets is to buy the highest quality chips. However, if you have budget constraints, you can settle for a medium quality poker set as well. Poker chip sets are available in quantities of 100, 300, 500, 600, 1000 and even 2000 chips. You can buy a set according to your usage. Sometimes, you can get attractive discounts while buying a larger set.
  • Poker Chip Sets: How Many Chips Do You Need. A good rule for deciding upon the quantity of poker chips is as follows:
    3-4 poker players – 300 poker chip set
    4-6 poker players – 400-500 chip set
    6-8 poker players – 500-600 chip set
    8-10 poker players – 600-1000 chip set
    10+ poker players – 2000 chip set
    However, this is just a rough estimation. You can opt to buy as many chips as you can afford in order to play a poker game. It is better to start with a smaller set initially. If you develop a strong interest in this game over time, you can add to your existing stock of poker chip set.
Accessories with Poker Chip Sets: While buying a complete set of poker chips, you can also get a number of accessories, included in the cost of the set. For example, you can get an aluminium case, two decks of cards, one dealer button and five red casino dice. You can also upgrade your standard poker chip case to a leather chip case at an additional price. Poker N Stuff is an reputable online retailer who can offer you high quality poker sets at a reasonable price.

Poker Chip Sets

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