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One of the crucial things that determine how your poker table looks like is your table felt. A poker table felt can change the experience of your game and give you a feel as if you were sitting in a casino.

Poker Table Felt: Cost Consideration

If cost is something that comes to your mind while buying a poker table felt, you would like to spend the bare minimum on it. Velveteen felt is the most suitable in this case, as it is economical and fairly durable. Although it is not as smooth as speed cloth, you can consider buying it for its cost saving feature. This is not the same as the craft felt which balls up after a period of usage.

If you are thinking from a one-time investment point of view, then buying a speed cloth is your best bet. It is expensive, no doubt, but far more durable than velveteen felt. Speed cloth is extensively used in casinos and if you have ever dealt cards on this cloth, you can tell the difference. There are many different type of speed cloth available. The cost will depend on what the fabric is comprised of. Usually, wool woven speed cloth is what most casino tables use. For home games, we usually use the cheap polyester suited speed felt. All three type of felts works great with playing card games and will have a smooth playing surface for the cards to glide on.

Poker Table Felt: Color Selection

The next decision to make selecting a poker table felt is the color. Table felts are available in red, blue, green, gold, purple, gray, burgundy and numerous other colors. It is here that you can give free play to your individual style and preference. However, if you want to have that professional look for your game of poker, buying dark red or green felt is a good option. These two colors are largely used in casinos. If you have an aesthetic bent of mind, you can even opt for a checkered pattern.

The quality of the poker table felt is what makes it special. You can purchase a sample before buying it from our online store.

Poker Table Felt

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