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  • This section will provide information on the type of chips we carry.

  • Casino Poker Chips

  • All Clay Poker Chips

  • Clay Poker Chips

  • All Clay Poker Chips

Casino Poker Chips

Casino chips is the Cadillac of poker chips and is the very best when it comes to adding security features to the chip. Casino chips use a special mixture of composition to mold the chip to prevent counterfeiting. Most casino chips are made of synthetic polymer acrylic composite with a metal coin or laminated printed inlay. Real casino chips varies in weight, however; the most common weight is 10 to 10.5 grams. Casino chips are really hard to find from local retailers. The best way to purchase these chips would be from the casinos that are going out of business or from privately owned branded chip makers.

All Clay Poker Chips

Pure clay poker chips has its advantages and disadvantages. All clay poker chips usually last around 5 to 6 years in casinos. It usually breaks down after a long period of use, but with proper care, it can last a lot longer. After just a few month of use, all clay chips will round itself out and will have a vintage look to them. All clay poker chips has the same exact feel of a real casino poker chip, except that it doesn't have the security features as a casino poker chip. All clay poker chips makes the exact same noise as casino poker chips when the chips hits each other making a nice soft clacking noise. All clay chips are usually light in weight.

Clay Poker Chips

Clay or clay composite poker chips are the most common chips people use at home. Although a little pricey, these chips will last much longer then all clay chips. We call this clay composite because the mold of the chip is made with a mixture of clay and other material to bond the mold together. A metal piece is inserted into the middle of the inlay of the chip, thus increasing the overall weight of the chip. These chips usually come in 11.5 grams and 13.5 grams.

Composite Poker Chips

Composite poker chips, sometimes referred to as ABS plastic. Many people get confused when they hear the term clay composite and composite poker chips. Many online retailers are selling composite (ABS plastic) chips as clay composite chips. Composite poker chips usually last a lifetime if handled with proper care. These chips are made of hard compressed plastic material. Composite poker chips has a metal insert to adjust the weight of the chip. These chips usually makes a clinging noise when it hits each other.

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